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The Band:

A conglomeration of musicians creating and celebrating the music that gets you movin'
Formed  in February  2011, the band has since evolved and adapted into its current state.  Though some of the players may have shifted, the goal and message of the band remains constant: Play the music they love and get people on the dance floor.  
 The band performs live throughout the Twin Ports area and branching into the Cites. The originals and homages to the current and past greats provide the vibrations to get people smiling and moving their feet as the nine-piece horn band plays soul/funk/rock/blues for the masses.   

They are often graced with the presence of many talented people in the Twin Ports area like Randy Lee, Sarah Krueger, Nate Case, Jeff Peabody, Greg Moore, Matt Mobley amongst others. Some even more fun surprised guests were Eric Bloom from Soul Live and Lettuce. Heck, Comedian Ron White has even shown up and kicked it with the band!  
They continue to perform private, public, and downright fun shows in and around the upper midwest.  

Dave Adams

"Big Wave" Dave sings and growls about the best of times, the worst of times, and some forgotten times.  Driven by unseen forces, a mystical essence flows from his intrepid stage presence and sensitive behind-the-scene soul.   

Peter Knutson

Back in slacks, he hits his axe.

His lead guitar is glad to be back.

He drinks juice

Avoids Moose

And he's fun to sing about

Hold his hand. Hold his hand. Hold his hand


Alex Nordehn

After enriching middle schoolers on the foundations of music, Mr. Nordehn puts them into practice as the trombone section.   He's easily excitable, especially if it's Macaroni and Hot Dogs!

Scott Millis

That Cookie Duster don't lie, he can whack some tubs.  He's a drummer and he knows his battle strategy of the Civil War era.  Somebody get this man a cookie and some mustache wax!

Millis Pic.jpg
Alex Piazza

Tiring from a lucrative modeling career with Ambercrombie & Fitch, as well as his extensive work in the Sears Catalog, Piazza found his calling in the low frequencies of the strings department.  His enthusiasm and ability  rival the Moon's effect on the tides as the Ripples keep on flowing

Brian Wells

He's back! And on keys this time! Multi instrumentalist B-Wells does what he wants, when he wants, and maybe a little bit more.  He's a strong, independent Brian and he knows how to groove it.


David Rode

The new guy! Dave # 3 rips the stratosphere with some trumpet fueled frequencies.  Born in a base camp halfway up the Himalayans, he's used to the thin air. 

Matt Wasmund

Next to the lead singer, the second most important instrument in the band is entrusted to this guy.  When not playing Bari Sax, you can bet he's not doing much else.  You know, so he can play sax better because of a stress free life.  Doctor's orders.  It's science.  

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